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July 29, 2017 at 11:31:29 AM Why are knee replacements painful? Written by James Lewis July 2017. Well some are and some are not. This is fascinating. What are the factors that mean some patients have no pain following surgery? The observed pattern is lower weight patients, often men but sometimes women, have no pain. Yes, NO pain after knee replacement. In hip replacement surgery patients frquently tell me that thier pain goes immediately on the day of having the hip replacement. This does happen in knee replacements surgery too but some have pain from the surgery - but some don't. We have been looking in to this. It seems that there are three factors; the bone quality and how careful we are with the bone - interlinked with this is the degree of arthritis as arthritis "hardens" the bone, the soft tissues as in all surgery, and a positive psychology. More

Prices for care under Mr Lewis at Goring Hall Hospital

We work with and accept all insurance companies at pre-approved levels for AXAPPP, BUPA and AVIVA, such that there is no shortfall to patients. For most insurance companies I carryout treatments at WPA fee schedules as can be found here.

The fixed price operative package prices are very comprenhnsive and are available in full here, furthermore there is a card that can help.

Includes Surgeon fees, Anaesthetic fees, Hospital costs, discharge medication, walking aids and any other gadgets, prostheses costs and an element of insurance so that if anything further is required arising within 6 months from your stay, it is covered in the original price.

The package also includes all post-operative outpatient consultations.

The costs are believed to be lower than surrounding Hospitals because the recovery is quicker and thus the time in Hospital is less, and furthermore because I need to use blood transfusion infrequently, so the savings are passed on to patients.

New Consultation

£205- see below.  Prices from 6th June 2018

This includes long consultation times, copy of the letter to your GP, unlimited follow up consulations.

Cheque made payable to Sussex Orthoapaedic Clinic Ltd


BACS transfer to 09-06-66 42202697 (preferred)


Knee X-Ray (2 views) - £123.50

Both Knees ( 4 X-rays) - £203.50

Hip X-Ray (Pelvis view) - £132.00

Free xray transfer service - please email with:

Your name, date of birth, first line of address, postcode, NHS number, approximate date of xray / scan, what it was an xray/ scan of, and the Hospital that they were taken at, and that they are for Mr Lewis. This generally process generally takes 48Hrs but means that they will be available for your consultation.

Custom Knee Replacement

Insurance codes:

BUPA W4200

AXA    W4218



£14 150 plus CT scan for Conformis G2iTotal Knee Replacement with patella resurfacing. Priority Scheduling ie morning Surgery

Includes all fees (Hosptital / Surgeon / Anaesthetist), including medicines to go home with, any gadgets required, aftercare follow up and support, 6 sessions of physiotherapy with a handpicked physiotherapist often with hydrotherapy.



Total Knee Replacement W4210


0 to 2 night stay

£11, 499 - This is excellent value and super competitive
PFC Total Knee replacement with all poly tibia,
including patella resurfacing. PFC stands for Press Fit Condylar. This product has the best survivorship in the national joint registry.

Includes all fees (Hosptital / Surgeon / Anaesthetist), including medicines to go home with, any gadgets required, aftercare follow up and support, 6 sessions of physiotherapy with a handpicked physiotherapist often with hydrotherapy.

Knee Arthroscopy "Key Hole" £3495
Day case, includes free DVD with live sound commentary of your
operation (no blood!)

Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction (ACL)

 £5945 Day case, Arthroscopic technique using Hamstrings.

Prices correct as of June 2018.

*Subject to passing a required level of fitness by the Pre-assessment team at Goring Hall


Minimally Invasive Technique Big Ball Total Hip Replacement W3712. Ceramic on Highly crosslinked polyethylene bearings Enhanced Recovery Program.


£12111. Leading Joint Registry Corail stem. OPED 10 A rated. Large diameter delta ceramic femoral Head(ball) and a highly cross linked polyethylene liner. A high performace premium bearing.

2 night stay, Specialist low dose spinal anaesthesia as part of our enhanced recovery approach, with multimodal approach to enhancing comfort. This allows comfortable full weight bearing 3 hours following hip surgery and sitting out for your evening meal on the day of surgery, if surgery was in the morning.

Normally morning Surgery, no post op morphine pump, no drip, tranfusion rate 0% in patients under 80 years, no drain, no sleep postition restrictions, No hip infections for over 5 years.

Results on home page.  


Minimally Invasive Total Hip Replacement W3712

Standard Bearings



Leading Corail uncemented hip, uncemented socket and standard cobalt chrome bearing on highly crosslinked polyethylene.  

2 night stay.

Generally suitable for someone in thier mid eighties and onwards.