Game Ready after Knee Replacement

Indeed after all significant knee surgery or treatments

This is best-in-class cooling with additional massage feature to reduce swelling.

The Red box has two halves, ice goes in one end with a little water.

In the other end is a clever digital pump with programs that gently pushes chilled water around a special wrap around the knee.

This cools the knee for comfort, patients love it. Feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

The clever part is that it also has a massage feature which helps reduce swelling.

We have used it immediately following surgery for 2 years now. We find program 2 works well.

In clinic at 2 weeks when I see all my own patients there is less swelling and more smiles in those that have used it.

It makes a difference and I recomend it wholeheartedly.

You can hire it directly from the company for £300 for 4weeks - and that includes delivery and pick up 4 weeks later. 

The game ready contact page is here