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Keith Luke

Replacement knee operation James explained the operation in a calm and easy manner to understand, spending time to allay any fears. The operation went exactly as he explained and the recovery was much easier than I imagined, with the care given afterwards. I am so pleased with the outcome that I would recommend him without any hesitation. Many Thanks James Keith Luke

Johnnie Walker 

The whole experience could not have been better. James inspires total confidence in the Conformis system and his skill and experience in fitting this type of knee replacement is excellent. I'm so happy I heard about it as it's a vast improvement on the standard type of knee replacement. Would wholeheartedly recommend James Lewis to all with arthritis in the knee.

Mike Harding 
I have had both of my knees joints replaced by James Lewis this year with Conformis prosthesis, the first in April and the second in early October 2017. Although early in the recovery cycle, my second replacement has been quicker to recover than the first, which in itself was fast and stayed in hospital less than 36hrs. I started physio seven days after the operation and after 3 weekly visits have been signed off. I continue to do the exercises at home until my flexibility is maximised. Pain management has been excellent throughout and whilst its an experience that I would prefer not to have had, I am extremely pleased with the results to date. James is very personable, professional and a great surgeon who is keen to continually improve the patient experience through the feedback he and his excellent team request.
Sarah Jeffkins 
Really pleased with how well my replacement knee surgery has gone (November 2017). The procedure and what to expect post surgery were both well explained by both James Lewis and supporting team at Goring Hall. I am well on the road to recovery and getting back to leading an active lifestyle.
Sue Cheal 
When I first met Mr Lewis I was in a bad way being hardly able to walk or stand. I had been told many horror stories about knee operations that had gone wrong but his confidence soon reassured me that these stories were historic and that knee operations were now very successful. My first total knee replacement was exactly 4 weeks before my son’s wedding and was so successful that I enjoyed the whole day with no problems at all. I have recently had my other knee replaced, 8 months after the first one. I was discharged after one night and was able to easily climb the stairs in my house. Within two weeks I was walking without sticks. Knee replacements can be very painful but Mr Lewis has a very structured regime for after care and medication. James Lewis is a brilliant surgeon who has transformed my life as I am now walking properly for the first time in years. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
Stephen Radford 
I am really happy with Dr Lewis he has helped me keep mobile. Mr Lewis operated on my knee and has made it a lot more comfortable to use and he see me every 4 months to keep me mobile I couldn't ask for more as well as that he is a really nice bloke always ask me about how's my dog Charlie and how is my three wheelers going. to sum it up he's a top geezer and I'm looking forward to him replacing my knee later in time 
Kris Pillai
I had a knee replacement 5 weeks ago by Mr Lewis after having pain in my knee over the past 10 years. the service at Goring Hall Hospital by the staff from the time I arrived was excellent and welcoming. Mr Lewis explained the procedure and made sure I understood. I now have no pain. All the staff after the operation were great and the physiotherapy dept has been excellent. Thank you Mr Lewis.
June Kimbet 
My husband has just had his knee operated on by Mr Lewis everything went really well.Walking and getting out of chairs really easy no pain. Excellent surgeon
Tom Beck
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Following years of pain and swelling in both knees brought on by my work and osteoarthritis and following on 12 years after Mr Derek McMinn carried out a very successful resurfacing of both my hips, I sought out Mr James Lewis as being local and able to offer a similar level of experience and technical knowledge with regard to the the Cemented Conformis Total Knee Replacement. The initial consultation was held without delay at Goring Hall Hospital. Being of an engineering bent myself, I was impressed with the considerable lengths Mr Lewis had gone to to satisfy himself that this procedure was the best available. He had used his experience and researched in depth to ensure that every possible step had been taken to ensure a swift and successful operation with the minimum level of pain and discomfort. He also has a very nice and effective way of explaining things and was completely open and upfront with regard to answering my questions. We agreed at this meeting that both of my knees were to be replaced, the left in seven weeks time and the right six weeks later. I was to pay for both operations myself on a fixed price basis and every assistance was provided for this by Mr Lewis and his staff. Whereas most out-patients clinics can be busy and confusing, my arrival and processing at Goring Hall Hospital last Wednesday at 07:15 was calm, professional and well ordered. In fact my 30 hours stay in the hospital was like being a part of a well-oiled and well-functioning machine. Everyone I came into contact with was kind, thoughtful and had a positive outlook. Great care was taken at every stage to explain what was being done and why, which I found to be very reassuring. Any anxiety I had was minimized at each stage and the only relatively slight sting was the injection into the lower back but it was soon over and since then I can honestly say that although there is some residual stiffness any pain has been slight indeed and quickly dealt with by suitable medication. Following the hour and a half operation, I was returned to the private room where the catering and facilities were of a very high standard. Apart from a blood pressure test, I slept solidly for 7 hours without any pain or discomfort. I was kept fully occupied for the remaining time by the nursing staff who were diligent in their attention to detail and physiotherapists who went to no end of trouble to explain which exercises would be most beneficial. They were able to have me walking with a frame within two hours of the operation and learning how to tackle a set of stairs and walk with one stick the following morning before going home. The attention to detail at every stage was reassuring and ensured that I was returned home with all the advice, equipment and drugs necessary for a speedy recovery. Already the range of movement and the stability of the leg surpasses my expectations and on the first day at home I can move freely around the house with only slight use of a stick. I can't say I'm actually looking forward to having the right knee operated on in a few weeks time but I know what to expect now and not to be afraid or anxious. The operations to my hips restored my pain-free mobility years ago and I have every confidence the operations to my knees by Mr James Lewis will have the same outcome.
Ann Smith
I recently had full knee replacement surgery by James Lewis. The initial consultation was excellent, with a detailed explanation of my condition, the operation and the recovery programme. The operation went well, and Mr Lewis' enhanced recovery programme led to my walking unaided within two weeks. My scar shows every sign of dwindling to an almost invisible line, and I could not be more pleased with the entire experience.
Quinn Ransley 
Fixed my acl perfectly, was absolutely life changing
Anne Spoor 
My remarkable pain free speedy mobility following total knee replacement carried out at Goring Hall Hospital, West Sussex due to my metal allergy is down to the exceptional skills of Mr. Lewis, his team, the nursing staff and physiotherapists. I shall be forever grateful to Mr. Lewis
19th January 2018

Excellent care from Mr. Lewis & staff at Goring Hall Hospital on two occasions, having Total knee replacements to both knees. Very happy with Right knee done 5yrs ago. Likewise,so far, with the Left knee (having the 'Attune' implant this time) done 6 months ago. I wanted to compare & contrast the two. Initially the biggest difference being NO post operative pain this time!! Many factors must have influenced this pleasing outcome, but the Game Ready ice machine was so very soothing & a huge comfort to me. Another big difference was only spending one night in Hospital ( 4 nights last time). Ongoing recovery has been excellent in both cases. Enabling pain free mobility and the freedom to enjoy life! The comprehensive & helpful 'Post Operative Instruction' document by Mr. Lewis was informative & reassuring, especially important given the early discharge

3rd December 2017

From the first consultation I was completely at ease with Mr Lewis, he explained everything in detail about the replacement knee with what could be expected including any negative possibilities. which we found to be none. After the operation he visited me and told me about all he had found and what he had done which put my mind at rest completely. I would recommend Mr Lewis without any hesitation. I have had both knees operated on now and both working well.


30th November 2017

I recently saw James Lewis regarding a right knee replacement having already seen another specialist locally (we are in Essesx ) who advised I needed a new knee as I was knock kneed and should have the operation sooner rather than later as otherwise it would be difficult to do a good operation. Having seen an article in the newspapers regarding Mr Lewis, I decided to consult him. He explained all the options and suggested a Conformis knee replacement which was the one we were interested in. Our first consultation was very detailed and helpful and he explained all the pros and cons. Having decided on the operation a stay at Goring Hall for three days was suggested by Mr Lewis bearing in mind the proximity of Essex to Worthing. I felt I was treated exceptionally well at the Goring Hall and am completely satisfied with my excellent surgeon Mr Lewis and the team at Goring Hall. Everything was explained to me clearly before and after the op. I was walking with two sticks the day after the op and one stick on my third day. Once home I have not used sticks at all. I am now four weeks post operative and working with my physio. Everyone I speak to seems amazed at my progress. Due to the fact that we are some distance from Worthing it was easier to keep in contact by email and any queries I have had have been answered immediately by Mr Lewis which has been very helpful. I would certainly recommend James Lewis and the conformis knee replacement to my friends and have in fact done so on several occasions recently.

24th October 2017

After years of knee problems, mainly due to football, my right knee finally gave out after a small stumble in December last year. After consultations with Mr Lewis he recommended that I have a custom made knee implant. Just 7 weeks after my first consultation I had my ConforMis total knee replacement in my right knee at the end of March, and was only in hospital overnight, after just 12 days, I saw Mr Lewis and he had me jumping up and down in his office! I started using the gym after just 3 weeks and road cycling after 7 weeks. I’m still in the gym (almost daily), have been back playing golf now for 2 months, ( just 4 months after the operation) the last two rounds I have walked the course as opposed to using a buggy and the knee has been excellent, a little bit of stiffness the next day, but nothing to write home about. Whilst in Spain in September I was climbing between 18-24 flights of stairs daily, plus step ups, and plenty of walking and swimming. I'm now using zero gravity machines (Jump Trainer) at Lanes Health Club, which is where my physiotherapist Sarah Jeremy resides, and can easily do double leg 'jumps' without any problems. You have to work hard to ensure that you build up the muscles in the thighs and around the knee, but it pays off and the recovery process is vastly improved. The ConforMis knee speeds up the process in comparison with an 'off the shelf' implant, which I had in my left knee. I was at the same position after two months with the ConforMis knee as I was at 6 months with the standard implant. I can honestly say, that I never expected the ConforMis knee to be as good as it is and obviously Mr Lewis' expertise and skill has a lot, I’m sure, to do with that. I would recommend anyone to consider this type of implant, and would certainly endorse and suggest they consult with Mr Lewis at Goring Hall.


1st October 2017
I had a minimally invasive TKR in US a couple of years ago. I was at first a little sceptical to have a larger incision than that on my left knee. However, Mr Lewis explained to me me the reasons why his method was more preferred and assured me that my right knee would be much better than my left. He was absolutely right. The ConforMis Knee that Mr Lewis fitted in my right knee has been performing a huge lot better and my recovery has been far more accelerated than I imagined. I am only 10 days post surgery and have great movement. Huge thanks to Mr Lewis.
1st August 2017
I was so pleased to be recommended to Mr Lewis as the only one in our area offering conformist knee replacement. I felt that I was in safe hands and appreciated the thorough consultation in explaining the benefits of this type of knee over the conventional one. I had the first knee replaced in November which all went well. I was not so impressesd with my aftercare as not everyone seemed to know how to use the equipment and I was not advised properly on the time I could stay. I would have liked two nights stay but didn't realise it was an option, as going home quickly was painful. Mr Lewis, although his visits were brief, he is a busy man, listened and asked how I was and was concerned for my pain level. I did experience pain in knee and had to have help in lifting it in and out of bed In January for the first time i. forgot that about my knee. The second one has just been replaced and already I can feel much improvement. Was it because I wasn't the first operation or have things improved. I have only slight pain on the inside when I move certain ways but not always. From day one have not needed support and ditched my stick. Mr Lewis kindly helped as I was going along corridor with zimmer on first day and he took my arm and said you don't need that and I walked with confidence. After one week I could walk 500 mts and day 12 I walked for half an hour. I do not exercise as much as is recommended as I would rather listen to my body as to what it can bare. I was scared to loose my bones but the benefits far out way any hesitancy as I am now on the way to a normal life and looking forward to getting back to a full life.
31st July 2017
When I first met Mr Lewis I was in a bad way being hardly able to walk or stand. I had been told many horror stories about knee operations that had gone wrong but his confidence soon reassured me that these stories were historic and that knee operations were now very successful. My first total knee replacement was exactly 4 weeks before my son’s wedding and was so successful that I enjoyed the whole day with no problems at all. I have recently had my other knee replaced, 8 months after the first one. I was discharged after one night and was able to easily climb the stairs in my house. Within two weeks I was walking without sticks. Knee replacements are very painful but Mr Lewis has a very structured regime for after care and medication. James Lewis is a brilliant surgeon who has transformed my life as I am now walking properly for the first time in years. I cannot recommend him highly enough.
18th May 2017
When I met Mr Lewis my knee was in a very bad way, I was experiencing severe pain and unable to continue my sports & job. I had an X-ray and Mr Lewis recommend the ConforMIS knee. He explained the procedure and made me feel very confident about the procedure. I believe this knee is the very best on the market today, made to measure so it fits exactly. I have already recommended Mr Leeis to several people. I have experienced a lot of pain following the op which apparently is unusual but everyone is different and I had a very bad leg to start. James Lewis isgreat surgeon in my opinion.
16th May 2017
From the initial consultation onwards, Dr. Lewis was absolutely fantastic! He listened, he got me every treatment that was required straight away and he cared. The pain I was in was tremendous and he acted so promptly to help relieve this. I cannot thank him enough. I know it is only through his skill and expertise that I am on the road to recovery and I love him for that! I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone without hesitation.
3rd May 2017
He is totally dedicated to ensuring his patients get the best possible outcome.the aftercare was very detailed and with full backup from the whole team.i was not aware an operation had taken place so cannot comment on what happened but got a detailed report after.if i have to have my other hip replaced i would definately return as my first choice.
3rd May 2017
Dr James Lewis displays great competence and authority, but at the same time he is very approachable. He has the quiet confidence and sense of humour of someone at the top of his game but with nothing to prove. Most importantly he puts patients at ease. Stuart Sanderson
3rd May 2017
Professional throughout, Mr Lewis filled me with confidence even before the operation. Post operation follow up and support excellent and most importantly, I am extremely happy with the results two weeks later.
3rd May 2017
James was a great surgeon to have found to carry out my 2 knee replacements. I had total trust in his abilities to perform the operations and provide me with the best possible outcome. I was back at work, part time after 5 days and other than losing sleep I had very little other discomfort. I believe that if you definitely require this operation, you wont find any better than James.
14th April 2016

I would recommend Mr James Lewis as a surgeon for any body needing a knee or hip replacement,He is an excellent surgeon, with a very good reputation.who takes a great deal of care and pride in his work.he always gives you his honest opinion.He takes the time out of his busy schedule to make the time pay you a visit after your operation this is a caring touch.

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2 months ago-
Unbelievably positive experience! I was walking within 2 hours of returning to my room following the operation and back home the following day. Very friendly, approachable and professional nursing staff and extraordinary skill levels in the operating theatre. Thank you so much!
5 months ago
After the op I was pain free after years of agony and prescription meds. Went home the next day and was able to walk normally with the support (just in case) of a stick. The next day I was already walking and carrying out exercise. I was back at work (I have my own business..) within the week. I am of all medication and pain free and am walking without a stick. Once you have the op treat this not as an illness but a cure and carry on exercising. The Team that Mr Lewis has are excellent and i feel privileged to have been treated by them. I cannot thank you enough.
4 months ago-
From ringing up on Monday 18th September (from SW Scotland) was offered pre-op assessment on 22nd and op on 27th September.Had lots of information prior to op. Mr Lewis rang on Thurs 26th to bring op forward to 7.30am on Friday. All staff very professional and helpful and anaesthetist reassuring. Up and walking to bathroom 4-5hrs after op and walking along corridor on 2 sticks, with physio next day. Home to son's in Surrey on 29th and doing well. Back to Scotland in next day or two. (Had other hip done 2 years ago and difference in recovery is amazing) M Gallie 2/10/2017.
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